Be aware with the cheaper prices offered by some tour operators, because they do not pay a fair price to the locals and to you. Perhaps you might find cheaper prices for excursions, but finally you can end paying extra and the local’s receiving less. ¿Why? Because some tour operators hire tour guides in training without experience and not paying them, and the guides are forced to try living of their commissions and therefore abuse of the locals and the travelers that is why the special prices are negotiated by the guide, often not for your own interest. Again you are under no obligation to purchase any items. In addition these tour operators do not pay taxes (18%). In Rumbo Explora we are committed with the environment, the improvement in quality of services and paying a fair price to the locals.

Not always a cheaper tour means that you will save money.
At your visit to Uros reed floating islands, your guide through the local tour operator will take you to an exclusive island, where you will feel obligated to buy souvenirs, you will see the prices are inflated for include the commissions. Do not pay more than S/. 7 soles, for the reed boat ride, nor S/. 60 soles for a big carpet or a handmade embroidery, a higher price might not be fair to you.
About restaurants on Taquile Island, be careful in paying higher prices because the tour guide has negotiated the cost of lunch in S/ 25 soles, but islanders complain they were paid normally only S/. 8 soles. The true cost of lunch is PEN S/. 15 soles if bought as part of an all-inclusive package. Ask the guide please give me the entrance fees, perhaps it was not paid.
Also people from Amantani Island have reported many abuses for years by some travel operators and tour guides, that did not pay them the official rates for their Home stay services, receiving only PEN S/. 20 soles for 3 meals & accommodations, being the true cost PEN S/. 50 soles, but this situation have solved thanks to the new administration of mayor that is working to make respect their prices and paid in advance or same day of the tour.

If you bought a very cheap tour in Cusco be careful, perhaps there are hidden extras, because some tour guides & tour operators will often take visitors to exclusive shops (artisan markets) and expensive restaurants in Cusco in order to make money from the commissions. We do not recommend you any specific restaurant or store artisan.
The group tour to sacred valley relatively is cheap, but the prices of souvenirs and lunch are inflated due to the commissions that the tour guide & driver receive from them. That is why at Rumbo Explora we are working to control this situation and paying our staff (guides & drivers) 10% above the legal wage. All tours arranged by Rumbo Explora will allow you having plenty of time to explore on your own at all places of interest so you can buy any souvenirs wherever you prefer, but if you are interested in some souvenirs ask for a discount, as they might be overpriced.

If excursion to Colca canyon starts from Arequipa or Puno, the minibus will make some stops along the way, for taking pictures or toilet, because they are obligatory stops. But everywhere you will find artisan markets, where you will feel obligated to buy souvenirs you will see the prices are inflated for include the commissions.
In chivay the hots pring La Calera is optional, the entrance fees is S/. 10 soles and not 20 as the guides say. We at Rumbo Explora are trying hard to control this situation and paying our guides and taxes (18%) properly. But it is necessary the cooperation of the travelers. That is why Rumbo Explora recommends to visitor take precautions with the cheapest tours.

Some local companies tried to copy motor boats, similar to the ones of NAUTICA, offering to the visitors, day tours to Lake Titicaca by speed boats, with a cheaper price by providing a far inferior service and saving on staff costs, boat drivers, taxes and others. The design and building of those boats are from wood and covered with fiberglass, which is not the genuine, the speed is lower (like semi fast boat), not comfortable (narrow seats), sometimes not safe.
Those travel companies are not paying to their boat drivers, and they survive from commission that they receive from the islanders, once you buy something or if you consume lunch on Taquile Island, the price will be overrated/overpriced. At Rumbo Explora we included everything in the tour, paying to locals a fair price. Our speed boats have 20 & 40 comfortable seats, Volvo Penta engines + velocity of 22 knots + GPS + radio communication + night navigation lights + compass + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + toilet + Carpeted floor + panoramic windows + cooler. Other local companies do not offer this excursion to visitors.

Most of the local companies work with regional permits. So if you want to take a private transport from Cusco to Puno, from Arequipa to Colca canyon or from Puno to Colca canyon, perhaps you will have some problems with the Peruvian road police. According the new regulations for tourist transportation in Peru, the companies must to have circulation card of National Scope, issued by the MTC Ministry of Transport Communications of Perú, besides the insurances to all risks.
Our land transportation vehicles have 2 types of insurances as Certificate of Statutory Accident Insurance SOAT Transit, besides has vehicle Insurance Policy to all risks in record exclusive for foreign + comfortable seats + panoramic windows + reclining seats + oxygen & first aid kit.