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RATES 2023


RUMBO EXPLORA have carefully selected the best transport options, with guided visits to Amantani Island + Uros & Taquile Islands, vía shared regular boat, all year around. RUMBO EXPLORA offer you the possibility to make your transport reservation, due that not all transport companies have an automatic booking system. We will confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

Group Service



US$50.00 p/p


Cheap tours mean that your agency will pay to families a poor payment and delayed. Poor payment to locals from some travel agencies has created conflict with locals of Amantani & Taquile Islands.

Inclusions: Transfer hotel / port / hotel, shared regular boat for 02days, guided visit to Uros islands, Amantani island & Taquile island, english-spanish speaking guide, entrance fees to Uros, Amantani & Taquile Islands, accommodation + all meals on Amantani Island, lunch on Taquile island. Note: Standard room + shared toilet at family house.
Exclusions: Additional charge for transport from hotels out of Puno city. Mineral water, tips and others not mentioned in the program.
Day 01: Pick-up from hotel: 07:45 – 8:00am
Departure to Amantani Island: 08:15am
Arrival in Amantani: 13:30pm for your homestay
Distance: 41km (from Puno to Amantani Island)
Time of travel: 3:00hrs (one way navegation from Puno to Amantani island), 1:00hrs (one way navegation Amantani to Taquile island, 2:30hrs (one way navegation Taquile island to Puno)
Day 02: Amantani – Taquile: 8:00am
Return to Puno:
Arrival in Puno:
 15:30pm. Then transfer to hotel.
First Aid Kit & Services: Oxygen on board during the journey, first aid kit.
Technical specificatications: Velocity of regular boat 08knots per hour or 15km/hour

Vía Regular Boat (Group Service)

DIA 01: PUNO – UROS ISLAND – AMANTANI: Early morning between 7:45 – 8:00am a driver will pick you up from your hotel in Puno (Peru) then you will be driven to main port, where is waiting for you the motor boat. A boat ride of 25 minutes to the Island of Uros. Fishermen and hunters inhabit the floating islands of Uros. The residents of the Uros use the totora reed (aquatic plant) that grows in the lake, to create life conditions and ensure that the islands stay afloat. The dense roots that generate these plants support the island. The Uros use the totora reed to build their islands, houses, for cooking, eating, and to sale in the city of Puno, besides to barter (exchange) with products such as quinoa, potatoes, barley and wool. This culture appeared over 3000 years ago and the people have spoken as a language Uro puquina, the last person who still spoke the Uru Puquina language died in 1951, now a day the population speak Aimara Language. On Uros live more than 2000 people, divided into 80 artificial islands built with totora reeds, where reed boats (balsa) are the unique method of transportation which is also used for fishing. Then a trip to Amantani Island is located 41 km away from Puno, where live 4000 people. Year after year the inhabitants of Amantani Island have been struggling for a better quality of life, so this tour has been created to support the people of the island, receiving from them lodging, food and an unforgettable experience in the middle of the Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival to Amantani Island the families will wait and escort you for your homestay as a warm welcome. Then a traditional lunch prepared with local products. In the afternoon hiking up to the top of the Island (4130m) from where you will observe the magnificent sunset on the Titicaca, the highest and navigable lake in the world, and visit the pre Inca temple Pachatata, with more than 3000 years old, built by Pucara and Tiawanaco cultures. Here we have the chance to dinner together with our host family. Overnight at family house.
DAY 02: AMANTANI ISLAND – TAQUILE – PUNO: Breakfast included at the Lodge. Then we visit Taquile Island, famous for its craft production (declared cultural heritage of humanity), particularly for its beautiful textiles. The people still practice the moral principles of Inca as “Ama Sua” (do not steal) “Ama Quella” (do not be lazy) and “Ama Llulla” (do not lie) that are still used among inhabitants. The island is about 1.5 km wide and 5.7 km length. Taquile Island was a prison during the colonial period, now a day live 2000 people approximately, where people wear a special hat for example regarding the single or married and authorities. On the Island there is a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Visiting non-tourist areas you will appreciate the pre Inca temples, tombs and agriculture terraces (built by Pucara culture), its landscapes, traditional farming techniques and their customs. This visit can be tired, because its 565 steps to walk down to the main port, but worth it. Lunch included on Taquile Island. Then a return trip of 2:30 hours by regular boat. Arrival in Puno around 15:30pm, then transfer to hotel.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Round trip transport from hotel/port/hotel, English-Spanish speaking guide for 02Days, entrance fees Amantani Island US$3, entrance fees Uros Island US$3, entrance fees Taquile Island US$3, all meals & accommodation, lunch on Taquile Island US$5, shared regular motor boat for 02days. Besides pre-trip information + organization and all local taxes. There are no hidden extras in our prices.
NOT INCLUDED: Additional cost for transfer from hotels located out of Puno city as Hotel Sonesta Posada, Casa Andina Premiun, Xima, Libertador and Jose Antonio. Drinks, extras and tips.

IMPORTANT: Our regular boat has 25 comfortable seats, velocity 08 knots + night navigation lights + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + lifebuoy + basic toilet on board + reclining seats + panoramic windows + telephone charger. Rumbo Explora provide to visitors all possible choices. Beware with illegal local Tour Operators or middleman, who do not pay the real costs to suppliers (transport, local restaurants & guest houses, tour guides & drivers). Help us avoid the explotation.




Technical specifications: Velocity of regular boat 8knots per hour or 15km/h, 25 confortable seats, wooden structure, night navigation lights, life jackets, lifebuoy + toilet on board + panoramic windows, reclining seats, telephone charger. Lenght: 11 meters, beam: 2.80 meters. Technical specifications: Velocity of regular boat 7knots per hour or 13km/h, 25bus seats, wooden structure, life jackets + toilet on board + panoramic windows. Lenght: 11 meters, beam: 2.80 meters.
First Aid Kit & Services: Oxygen on board during the journey, first aid kit,  and maps of lake Titicaca, which led us to be one of the best tour operators in the southern Perú. First Aid Kit & Services: First Aid Kit
Insurance policy: Our regular boat and its passengers are covered with insurance policy during the trip. Insurance policy: Insurance Policy
Tours guides: We put at your disposal the most qualified staff of tourist guides, with degree of the Institute (3 years) or University (5 years) and certified from the language center of the university and Peruvian-American Cultural Center (US Embassy) with a high level of English. Tours guides: Some travel agencies in Puno are not paying their guides and motor boat drivers, hiring them without experience. We are sure that you will be forced to buy souvenirs from the islands with higher prices, and the guides will try living of their commissions, which can be a bad experience for you. ¡Be aware!


Be aware with low rates and types of motor boats that some travel companies from Puno offer tours to Lake Titicaca by semifast boat instead by speed boat. Our company is working hard to control this situation and avoid the low rates & the ilegal tour operators, because on Lake Titicaca there are only 3 types of motor boats. We at Rumbo Explora operate with genuine motor boats, tourist transportation & tour guides with legal permits, that is why our prices are very competitive, still providing an excellent service, even paying good rates to our supliers. Rumbo Explora pay to government local tax 18% + 30% on the profits, contributing to peruvian economy, providing work to the local guides, drivers, motor boat drivers and office staff.

Regular Motor Boat: Velocity 08 knots/hour or 15 km/hour, lenght: 11 meters, beam: 2.80 meters, 02hrs + 30 minutes One Way navegation to Taquile Island + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + lifebuoy + basic toilet on board + panoramic windows + potable cooler + telephone charger.
Fast Boat: Velocity 13knots/hours or 25km/h, lenght: 11 meters, beam: 2.80 meters, 01hrs + 30 minutes One Way navegation to Taquile Island + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + lifebuoy + basic toilet on board + panoramic windows + portable cooler + telephone charger. (Semifast boat 11knots/h = 21km/h, 01hour + 45 minutes of navegation)
Speed Boat: Velocity 26knots/hour or 49km/hour, 50minutes to 01hour One Way navegation to Taquile Island, lenght: 14 meters, beam: 3.80 meters, our speed boats have 20 & 40 comfortable seats, velocity of 24 knots + GPS + radio communication + compass + oxygen & first aid kit + life jackets + lifebuoy + toilet + Carpeted floor + reclining seats + panoramic windows + portable cooler + telephone charger.


You can see that in Rumbo Explora we have developed for you tailor-made itineraries with the best price as competitive as possible, providing an excellent service and paying our guides 10% above the legal wage agreed with association of the tour guides – Puno. Our staff are some of the best paid in Puno & Lake Titicaca, which allows us to attract only the Best Tour Guides, Motor Boats and Land Transportation with national permit, to none other local company, that can only provide a cheaper price by providing a far inferior service and saving on staff costs, ¿How? Hiring tour guides in training without experience and not paying them, besides avoiding taxes to government.

Big Travel companies from Europe, North America, Australia and others work with the Peruvian Tour Operators located in Lima-Peru, who work as middlemen receiving from them good prices from the Tours & Packages, and paying to us 40 to 50% minor the normal price, besides 2 to 3 months delayed, being this the reason that Rumbo Explora have decided to offer tours & packages directly to travelers.